This is a blog full of my hidden thoughts and desires. Its not just a porn blog their will be random things my thoughts my body. I'm very outspoken I love getting messages but I get about 100+ a day so if i don't respod back I will in time. Or I won't because I most likely didn't enjoy what you said. ;D kisses


bffs for sure (reasons why I love my friends)

J(male): dude he wants your ass

Me: he wants me to like touch his dick

Me: like HARD

J: your going to get date rapped in the back of his classy truck

Me: his trucks have no windows

J: so people can hear your rape screams

Me: i just got this txt from him

Me: "hey babe whats up winky face" D:

J: what if he has a big dick

Me: I doubt that and his face and his hair yuck

J: well good luck on getting date raped befor kings island tomorrow

Me: alright bye hopefully I get pregnant

J: we can only hope

J: jk love you hun dont do dumb shit because i dont want to hear you complain

Me: about what the night after pill i'll need monday

J: Im not wasteing that gas ill just push you down the stairs